The Schools Dashboard is a valuable resource for parents, students, teachers, and those trying to follow the COVID-19 trends in Butte County. However, it's not fully comprehensive — many districts and schools are not on it.

My goal is to get more districts and schools on the dashboard. There is no charge of any kind for adding your data.

First off, who am I?

My name is Christian Hammond. I'm formerly from Chico, now living in the Bay Area, where I run a software company called Beanbag. Most of my family lives in Chico, and when COVID began to spread in early 2020, I decided to take action to keep them safe.

Since then, I've been voluntarily providing thousands of Butte County residents with information on COVID cases and statistics through a County-wide Dashboard and daily reports on Facebook and Twitter.

I've been interviewed in the Chico Enterprise Record, North State Public Radio, and KZFR, and have contacts throughout the community, in health, business, and education.

The dashboard is built as a community service. I don't do this for profit. My only goal is to keep the county informed, and to help people make safer choices.

Advantages to being on the Schools Dashboard

Your parents, students, and staff can better see the case trends at your schools, and you can better see whether policy changes are having an effect.

It's easier for your school board to defend its policies if it can show the public that those policies work.

Are you already getting hounded by parents who want to know the latest case numbers? Save some time and energy and just point them to the dashboard.

Any district or school shown on the dashboard can be embedded right in your website. I can work with you on setting this up.