Oh. Hi. I didn’t see you come in.

This is my, I guess you could say, “home page.” That’s an old 90’s idea. Think of it like your Facebook Wall, Twitter Timeline, or TikTok.. um.. I don’t know what TikTok uses. I’m old.

Anyway, welcome, welcome! You can find some resources I like, some places you can find me online, projects I’ve done, and whatever else I happen to put up.


Day Job


Development Projects

Some of these are work-related, some personal, some abandoned. Click to expand.

Me on the Internet

Random Writings

Christian’s Rules for Reading the News

Parsing Tableau Dashboards 101

Generating Hands of Poker

How To Save Your Wordle Stats before June 9

Very Very Wise Idioms

Software Development

Tools I Use

Interesting Libraries

Security, Signing, and Supply Chains

Misc. Resources

My Emergency Kits



This is my area for recording things I’ve learned, want to refer back to, or want to share.

Untitled Database

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